Infernos markers are ASTM compliant

Reasons for field operators
to own a Inferno:

  • Lowest gas consumption of any site gun

  • Longest lasting parts, due to high
    quality materials

  • Parts available next day – made in the UK, anodized
    for longer lasting finish

  • The most reliable site gun available

  • Lowest cost of ownership of any site gun in the business.

Cost of maintenance

Using less gas and less spare parts are obvious costs that contribute to the total cost of owning a marker, however an item that most people forget is the cost of the labour to fit spare parts and generally maintain a marker, which can become considerable as the work must be done by a trained or experienced person.

In the case of the Inferno the parts last longer than any other site marker in the business, keeping your costs to a minimum. A marker that requires frequent parts changes will incur labour costs that will become quite significant, even if parts are supplied free of charge.

Markers that require frequent parts changes will fail more frequently, which is not what you need when you are trying to run a paintball game, which can cost a field operator significant income while the customer is not shooting paintballs.

Field strip in seconds
Simply remove the cocking pin and bolt, allowing quick cleaning of the barrel, bolt and body in seconds, which keeps your customer shooting paintballs and increases your sales, because the process is so quick and easy, you will need less manpower, resulting in the very lowest running costs.


Cost of ownership
Attention to detail is what makes the Inferno the highest quality field marker that money can buy. Introduced in 1997, with units in service around the world, in all weather conditions, the Inferno is the most reliable, lowest maintenance paintball gun available. When your income depends on reliability and cost of ownership, the Inferno is the only choice, as it generates more profit per ball than any other site marker available.

Eleven years on site and still going !

Infernos just keep going and going. Built with high quality materials and anodised for longer life, giving longer lasting parts and unsurpassed reliability. The lifespan of the Inferno is the longest in the business, meaning that if it is properly maintained, it will last 2 to 5 times longer than our competitors, resulting in the best return on investment in the industry.

Low gas consumption

Infernos use a third less gas than some competitors. So you won’t face large gas bills.

Made in the UK

Europe’s largest and most up to date paintball machine shop, assuring that manufacturing quality is second to none.

Spare parts
We support what we sell. Europe’s largest range of spare parts for Inferno’s are available for same day dispatch. Factory servicing is also available..

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